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    Paw Pods

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    Tired of having your pet's hair all over your clothes?

    We all love our beloved pets but their shedding can be a problem. Whether it's your clothes, bed sheets, blankets, or any type of fabric in your home, it can't escape the wrath of the fur. Despite how much lint rolling, vacuuming, or washing you do, it never seems to be enough until now.

    The paw pods are reusable pods that are designed to attract and capture all types of pet hair. The water-resistant sponge-like material we used extracts hairs from your clothing as they rotate in your drying machine. 


    Material: Our laundry ball is made of high-quality material, which is reusable, durable, and sturdy. Putting it in the washing machine with the clothes can effectively remove the hair and fluff from the clothes.

    Effective protection: These hair catchers are designed to be round, so they will not cause any damage to your clothes during the washing process and can be used for children's clothing.

    Easy to use: No more need to remove hair by hand. With our laundry balls, you just put these small laundry balls in the washing machine and turn on spin mode.

    Practical Tool: Our washing machine remover not only removes lint, animal hair, or other hair from clothes, jackets, and blankets, but also helps reduce limescale, rust, and lime build-up in washing machines,  and removes smells.

    Soft and delicate: It won't hurt clothes. It can be used with laundry bags.


    • Color: Orange/ Blue
    • Material: Sponge
    • Size: About 6cm/2.4in

    Package Includes: 

    • 1 x Paw Pods

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