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    Pet Hair Remover

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    Instantly remove pet hair from your clothes while washing!

    Are you tired of the pet hair that sticks to your clothes? Good news! Our Paw Pet Hair Remover will make your clothes sparkling clean and free from any signs of hair or fur. It works well in the washing machine and the dryer.


    This paw hair remover carefully removes pet hair from your clothes by pulling them off gently without causing any damage. The popular animal hair remover can be used to clean your clothes, bedding, jackets, and much more.


    Strong Adhesive: The paw is extremely flexible and sticky, making it ideal for coating hair, and dust. The lint-paw is aided by the motions of the washing machine or dryer, which assist the undesirable hair to attaching to it, especially while spinning.

    Safe and Reusable: It is made of 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, our pet hair remover is viscous and elastic. The material is safe for your garments.  It can be reused, is not easy to deform or damage, and is very practical.

    Money and Time Saving: Don’t struggle washing your clothes many times to remove stubborn animal hair. This gorgeous paw helps you save money, time, and water by grabbing pet hair while washing and drying your laundry.

    Widely Used: Suitable for people with pets, can easily remove animal hair from clothes, sofas, and blankets. And also easily remove the hair, dust, and debris attached to our clothes.


    • Easily picks off animal hair from clothing.
    • It saves time, money, and water.
    • Reusable.
    • Harmless & anti-allergenic.

    How to Use:


    • Size: 12cm x 12cm x 2cm
    • Material: PU
    • Color: Green/Yellow

    Package Include: 

    • 1 x Pet Hair Remover

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