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    Quick Natural Treats To Share With Your Dogs

    Quick and Natural Dog Treats

    by Champion's Pet Shop

    It is no mystery that dogs love food!

    Everyday we learn about the benefits of providing balanced, fresh meals to our fur-companions.

    While hectic schedules can make it difficult for pet parents to cook daily meals, incorporating quick, fresh fruits and veggies can really make a difference on the overall wellness of our dogs.

    Some of the below are a quick wash-peel-and-feed option of readily available treats that your pet will surely enjoy.*

     - Apples (remove the seeds, I like to remove the peel as well!)

     - Bananas (One of my pets' favorites)

     - Blueberries

     - Cherries (remove the pit!)

     - Kiwi

     - Papaya (try in small quantities, some pets may get an upset stomach, if so avoid)

     - Pears

     - Watermelon (remove rind)

     - Broccoli/ Cauliflower (I prefer to steam most veggies)

     - Green beans

     - Squash

     - Peas

     - Corn

    - Boiled or baked Sweet Potatoes

    - Boiled or baked Yams

    - Cucumber

    - Carrots (raw, steamed, boiled. They can be a naturally sugary treat so moderation is key)

    - Spinach

    - Boiled Pumpkin

    *Disclaimer: Please discuss with your veterinarian or pet food nutritionist of any changes to your pet's diet.

    Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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